Spelling Bee Contest

31 de August 2016

Every year our school holds a Spelling Bee Contest. On August 26th 2016 ,  32 participants from 1st to 6th grade showed their outstanding spelling skills in front of the audience. They participated in four categories which had different difficulty levels.

The judges who guaranteed a correct development of the competition were: Monica Saravia from Libreria Inglesa and Tatiana Zamora from Macmillan Publishers. We would also like to thank Tomás Sepúlveda and Isidora Galaz from 9th grade A,  who were the presenters during the competition.

The winners are:

1st Grades Category

1° : Mayra Ríos

2° : Monserrat Rojas

3° : Martín Arenas

2nd and 3rd Grades Category

1° : Camila Abello

2° : Matías Rosales

3° : Sofía Murphy

4th and 5th Grades Category

1°: Benjamín Gracia

2°: Sofía Navarro

3° : Renato Meza

6th Grades Category

1° : Martina Lagos

2° : Juan Cristóbal Reyes

3° : Valentina Espinoza

Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants who did a wonderful perfomance on stage!

English Department Manquecura Valle Lo Campino

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